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    Private 1-1 Support Coaching


    The VIP Support Group offers 1-1 Support Coaching to members who would like additional privacy, or who would like to work exclusively with one specific Support Coach. 

    When you register with a Support Coach for private coaching, the Coach will establish a private consultation space and invite you to join. Once there, you can provide your Support Coach with a detailed history and start asking questions.

    1-1 Support registration includes SIX (6) private consultations. 

    The first time you connect with your Coach, you will be asked to provide some background information as well as where you currently are in your Protocol journey.



    You can ask your Support Coach as many questions as you need in a single consult. It is assumed that there will be some back and forth dialogue, as you will likely have questions about the information provided you.  Or, you may need to provide additional information to your Support Coach, so that they can give you better information and more specific guidance. Those back and forth emails are included as part of the original consultation, and you would not activate the next consultation until your next set of questions.

    1-1 Clients can continue to use the forums and get the support of the other Coaches and members.  It is suggested to use the forums for a simple "Can I use this yogurt?" question and save your consults for more personal, or complex questions.  

    Existing members who would like to upgrade to 1-1 Support Coaching have access to the Store (also found in the menu tab) where you can purchase coaching sessions with the Support Coach of your choice.  New members can sign up with a Support Coach when they register or upgrade later.  Each Support Coach has different strengths and experiences, and we can assist you in finding a good fit if you are interested!  Click here to read the Staff Bios

    Disclaimer:  Private 1-1 consultations with Support Coaches are not overseen by The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group, and The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group does not promote or necessarily agree with the opinions, advice, or links shared in these sessions.   The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group is not able to fact check the advice provided in these sessions to ensure that it is Protocol compliant, error free or complete.  All members must use their discretion and please consult with a trusted healthcare provider before making any significant changes.

    Support Coaches are not trained medical professionals, we are just here to guide you and advise you on your journey based on our extensive knowledge of the Nemechek Protocol.  We are limited to advising you only within the scope of The Nemechek Protocol as it has been publicly stated by Dr. Nemechek in his book, blog and videos. Please do not ask us to make a diagnosis, or give advice on prescription medications.   If such questions do arise you will be asked to contact a medical professional.  

    NOTE: Your six 1-1 consultations do not expire but you must be a member to access them.  If you cancel or void your membership you will need to rejoin to access any remaining sessions.  

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