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  • Virtual Office Hours:

    @Kelsey Emuss Virtual Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)  She sometimes drops in on her days off which are Saturday and Sunday. 

    @Catherine D Virtual Office hours are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 9am to 3pm and she will also occasionally drop in on her time off.

    @Amy Dawson and @Claire Anderson have no set schedule and are online at variable times.

Off topic

A place to discuss topics unrelated to The Nemechek Protocol.



    A place to connect with other members and discuss a variety of topics unrelated to The Nemechek Protocol. From Birthday parties to School concerns, work stress to vacation plans!  We only request that you do not discuss any health issues in this group!

    • Amy Dawson
  • Group Guidelines for Posting:

    1. STAY ON TOPIC! This group is for parents who are dedicated to using The Nemechek Protocol to get recovery for their children from Autism and/or other developmental disorders and themselves. Discussion of additional supplements and Homeopathy are permitted in the context of this Protocol - but this is not the place to discuss ACC, other protocols and/or medical interventions.  The sole purpose of this group is to educate others about The Nemechek Protocol. Please respect the need to stay on topic. 

    2. NO ADVERTISING. We must forbid advertising, soliciting and fundraising posts in the group. 

    3. VAGAL NERVE STIMULATION (VNS) - Dr. Nemechek occasionally utilizes Vagal Nerve Stimulation to treat his patients. This is NOT a do-it-yourself medical procedure and should NOT be done without medical supervision from a certified practitioner! As a result posting links for where to purchase VNS machines or discussing settings used with the VNS will not be permitted. 

    4. RIFAXIMIN - Rifaximin is Dr. Nemechek’s preferred method for the treatment of SIBO in patients 18+. This drug is only obtainable by prescription from a licensed Doctor. We recognize that this drug can be expensive and that not all Physicians are willing to prescribe it but we cannot allow people to post links to online websites to purchase without a prescription. All such posts will be deleted

    5. CODE OF CONDUCT - Anyone posting in this forum must abide by a certain code of conduct: No swearing, name-calling, or disrespectful comments will be tolerated.

    6. DO NOT POST PICTURES WITH NUDITY, RASHES, LAB RESULTS or STOOL - No images of nude or scantily clad children or adults are permitted and will be deleted.  We do not diagnose medical issues so rashes and concerns about stool should be directed to your Doctor.  We ask all members to refrain from "diagnosing" other members.

    7. NO FILE SHARING of Dr. Nemechek’s book is permitted! Doing so will get you removed from the group. To buy the book click this link: autonomicrecovery.shop/

    8. BECOME ACTIVE - Post your successes and your struggles. This is a private group and we are all dealing with the same issues. Become a part of the community, make friends and lean on each other for support!

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